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Do you know the Guérande flower of salt?

During your stay at the campsite near Guérande, don’t forget to bring a box of fleur de sel in your luggage. But do you know what Fleur de sel is?

Fleur de sel is a thin layer of white crystals that forms on the surface of salt marshes once the water has been evaporated by the wind. This agricultural product is used in cooking to season dishes. Naturally rich in magnesium and trace elements, its taste is much more delicate than table salt.

The flower of salt is harvested manually by the salt growers (called paludiers in Guérande) every evening during the summer.

Harvested since Roman times, Guérande salt is distinguished by numerous quality labels: Label Rouge, Nature & Progrès, which attests to the natural character of Guérande salt, and the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).